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Colorado Pictures....

Patriots of the United States

I would like for all Americans to pay close attention to when Mr. Bidern gets in office and watch how America begins to wither away. To a point where even the democrats will notice is this what we signed up for. You did illegally but you did it any way. The crime has just begun and their coming to our southern border on this day of January 18th 2021. They know Biden is allowoing this!

This site is going to have numerous avenues for the contitutional republic. That should tell you we are Trump supporters and voted for him in 2020. Yes, the election was stolen from us and it was shoved under the rug. Billionaires of America have a way of doing this. Lots to come will put videos up as we get them.

We as pariots know without a doubt there is going to be tough times ahead. The media wants us silenced and big tech is paying the bill. Stock market will crash and millions of citizens will lose their money. It's coming with this new administration. When your in bed with China and will allow them to take a huge piece of America we have hard times coming.


God help America

Wealth Distribution

This was Trump

 Wild Turkey