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" 2024 Beware Folks"

Wake up we are getting invaded at our border

Hard core democrats totally suck and their trying to make America fail

"Beans - Bullets & Band-Aids"
It's about to change for the worse. You really can't say your not seeing this change!

"Alert" God fearing and American loving citizens get your priorities in order. "Long Term Food"

There is going to be so much false information coming and if your not careful you will be taken in by it. Trust your God fearing heart and please use your common sense. But, those few statements are what most are lacking in life. Common sense and God has been taken out of the house and replaced with government propaganda. It's an on going battle between what is right and what you will do in your life.


You wish to be free and stay free don't listen to news channels that only tell you what the elites want you to hear. I can say we listen to a bunch of videos, some can be very one sided. Many are a great source. Be carful and don't over spend for items you can get much cheaper some where else. " Just Saying "

Start with a few extra items when shopping. Put those up and keep doing this. Add as you can. Don't have to hurt your pocket book all at once. We just ask that you start! Buy more as you can... Start a garden and encourage your family to do the same. You'll be so happy you did these few chores to sustain your food supply.

 "Love Your Car"

" Survival Mask "

" Food Storage "


" Canning "