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"US" Government Agenda" 2024

Does this map make sense to you? Places where we have are installations and populated areas. Don't think for a second this will never happen. "Prepare Now" We will post the truth and you judge for yourself!

 You are being lied to every single day you keep listening to your main stream news. Think for yourselves or your going to fall victim of this bull. You think all these wars were in, Is a accident? Your politicians are getting rich off of this. And they always have been getting rich off of us. "The Tax Payer" "Long Term Food"


Happening Now 12/15/2023


"Since the day President Biden came into office, everything is up about 17%." —Overall inflation, +17.2% —Food at home, +20.5% —Eggs, +24% —Milk, +16.7% —Housing, +18.5% Bidenomics in action!

More videos off of Utube. Need to pay attention of what is happening.


 "Love Your Car"

" Survival Mask "

" Food Storage "


" Canning "